Corey Thomas
Durham, NC 27703

EMPLOYMENT 9/2002 - Present Duke University Durham, NC
User Services Specialist
My primary duties involve remote and on-site maintenance and user support for all computers (Windows and Mac OS), servers, and mobile devices in the Division of Student Affairs (approximately 500 terminals). This includes administering accounts, deploying/troubleshooting/installing software and hardware, performing networking connections and configurations, conducting one-on-one and classroom-based user training, creating technical documentation, and otherwise interacting with departmental staff. I have also served on various interdepartmental committees and have recently been involved in the supervision and training of junior IT employees.

  2/2002 - 10/2003, 12/2005, 11/2007 - 6/2008 Apple Computer Store Durham, NC
Mac Specialist (PT/FT), Mac Genius (FT), Specialist (PT)
As a Mac Genius, I worked in the service department of the store where I performed troubleshooting and repair on late-model Macintosh computers. I moved to Mac Specialist (part-time) in late August of 2002, where my duties included greeting customers as they enter the store, helping them with their technical questions, helping them choose a hardware or software solution for their particular needs, developing a base understanding of all the products in the store, doing occasional customer presentations, and otherwise representing the company's retail presence. I have maintained good relations with the store, and have returned at various times over the years to help out.

  6/2001 - 10/2001 TherapyEdge, Inc. Durham, NC
GUI Developer/HTML Programmer (contract)
I was a member of a five-person group brought in to develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a web-based electronic medical record system. My duties included designing the overall look and feel for the product, producing graphical mockups and marketing materials, and producing complete, functional pages. Technologies used included HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, imagemaps, and graphics creation.

  1/2000 - 3/2001 Smart Online Durham, NC
Lead Graphic Designer/HTML Programmer
My position at Smart Online was as the primary designer/prototyper for the company. My responsibilities included creating original web designs for presentations to Fortune 500 companies and creating and implementing internal designs for the company web site. These tasks included visually integrating aspects of the company site with those of potential partners, helping develop usability guidelines and strategy for the company web site, and proposing designs for new features and services of the company. Upon approval of a design, it was my responsibility to aid in its functional implementation on the site. Technologies used included CSS, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, imagemaps, and graphics creation.

2/1999 - 1/2000 School of
Communication Arts
Raleigh, NC
Network Administrator
I was one of two network administrators for a communications school supporting approximately 150 computing stations and three computing platforms (Mac, Windows, and UNIX). My primary duties involved hardware maintenance and user support for all computing software and equipment in the school. This included administering accounts, installing and replacing components, troubleshooting and installing software, performing all networking connections and troubleshooting, and interacting with all faculty, staff, and students.

6/1998 - 12/1998 SAS Institute Inc. Cary, NC
Administrative Support Student
This was a temporary student position with the Publications Department of the Institute. I helped support all printing equipment and computers (Mac and Windows) for the department. The documents we produced covered everything from books to promotional and display items. My tasks included mounting, pressing, laminating, cutting, and overall preparation of large-format printed materials, as well as troubleshooting departmental computing equipment and performing minor web-programming duties.

6/1997 - 8/1997 SAS Institute Inc. Cary, NC
Technical Student
This was a temporary student position with the Corporate Training Department of the Institute. I helped in the design, editing, and production of internal training materials. This included manuals, brochures, and promotional materials for the department, as well as minor web-programming tasks.

8/1993 - 5/1999 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Technical Support
I was a student lab attendant for the department of Education and Psychology during my studies at NC State University. My tasks included supporting all computing software and hardware (Mac, Windows, and UNIX) used by the faculty, staff, and students of the department. My primary responsibility was upkeep of the departmental computing lab, but my duties extended to the entire department. I was the first undergraduate student to be hired for a position ordinarily held by graduate students, and one of the only employees allowed to provide support to users outside of the lab itself (a task ordinarily reserved for salaried employees). My duties included staging and installation of new terminals, hardware/software installation, all levels of troubleshooting, and performing minor web-programming duties.

2/1995 - 2/1997 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Student Patrol Officer
As a Student Patrol Officer, I attained the rank of sergeant within the first six months of employment, and was offered lieutenant shortly before leaving the Public Safety Department. My responsibilities included patrolling campus, conducting safety escorts for students, operating two-way radio equipment, operating electronic security systems, securing various campus buildings, testing safety equipment (bluelight emergency phones, etc.), operating departmental patrol vehicles, supervising nightly SPO shifts (after having been promoted), assisting NCSU Police when necessary, and overall providing for campus safety.

EDUCATION 12/1998 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Bachelor's Degree
I have a BA in English with a concentration in technical/information writing and editing; and a minor in Graphic Communications with a concentration in drafting, layout, and design.


Operating Systems:
Windows; Mac OS; iOS; UNIX

Graphics and Multimedia Applications:
Acrobat; Fireworks; Flash; GIMP; InDesign; iDVD; iMovie; iPhoto; Photoshop; Poser; Quicktime Pro; Snapz Pro

Internet Applications and Protocols:
Chrome; CSS; Dreamweaver; Entourage; Exchange/Outlook; Firefox, HTML; Internet Explorer; IMAP/POP; iWeb; LDAP; Rational Content Management System; RealPlayer; Safari; Thunderbird; a wide variety of email, instant messaging, telnet, and FTP clients; numerous shareware and freeware applications, including many HTML editors and tools, as well as helper applications

Office Applications:
Filemaker Pro; iCal; Keynote; Meeting Maker; MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word); Numbers; OpenOffice; Oracle Calendar; Pages

Networking and Utilities:
Acronis True Image; Apple Remote Desktop; Apple Server Admin Tools; Applescript; Diskwarrior; Norton Antivirus; Norton Internet Security; Norton Utilities; McAfee Internet Security; Remedy IT Service Management; Remote Desktop Connection; Retrospect; ServiceNow; Symantec Ghost; Techtool Pro; VNC; various shareware applications

Social Media/Networking,, Delicious, deviantART, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Wordpress (Installing and operating my own Wordpress sites), YouTube

PC Hardware:
iPhone/iPad/iPod; Android devices; Blackberries; full PC assembly; networking (wireless/802.11x, Appletalk, TCP/IP, Bonjour/Zeroconf, transceivers, hubs, routers, switches, cabling, crimping, etc.); audio/video editing and input systems; digital cameras (video and still picture); external hard drives (RAID arrays, removable media, etc.); modems; flatbed scanners; input devices; printers (large format, thermal wax, laser, inkjet, dot matrix, etc.); optical media drives; RAM, drive, and board/card installation; etc.



  • Ability to assemble a PC from component parts
  • Comfortable with installing any of a number of PC and Mac components
  • Ability to hand-code HTML (nested tables, frames, embedding, etc)
  • Familiarity with the differences in browsers and their methods of processing code
  • Experience with client-side imagemaps, embedded media, MIME types
  • Some Javascript and other client-side scripting, creation of stylesheets (CSS)
  • Understanding of web-palette and graphics-compression/optimization issues
  • Extensive web graphics creation skills (buttons, background patterns, logos, icons, fully animated gifs, limited 3D imagery; banners, customization of stock photography and clipart)
  • Enthusiasm for learning new software, skills, and technology
  • Excellent communication/organizational skills
  • Can help develop, refine, understand, and implement marketing/organizational strategy
  • Knowledge of information layout, integration of copy and design
  • Experience in integration of disparate corporate identities for partnership projects
  • Solid understanding of web technical capability and current technologies
  • Copyediting and writing skills, including creative, technical, and journalistic writing
  • Knowledge of web resources and competing sites
  • Ability to create outlines, flowcharts, other conceptual frameworks


  • Photography and multimedia skills
  • Have been responsible for the creation of prototypes, comps, clickthroughs, etc. for a number of business clients
  • Print-design background with a good sense of layout and color
  • Art direction skills (some management)
  • Ability to design/build a web site from scratch, combining content, navigational structure, and appearance
  • Photo-manipulation/color-correction and creation of original images
  • Can draw from photographic reference, ability to scan and "paint over" hand-drawn imagery